Sunday, January 8, 2012

Distinctly Ringed

" Distinctly Ringed "

by Suzán Jiván

Awkwardly akimbo fully uninhibited
like the carnal and demonic
insights from scholars
overseeing departments
of opalescent shards
from demolished hospitals
for auteur prophets
ode to prominence
on neat arcs sheepishly departed
like a rickety car
Roots and tubers with tender shoots
dependent on lagoons and a single
who's goose singing, "Coor-a-loo,
Coor-a-loo" in communal roosts
with eclipsing plumage
Powerfully built distinctly ringed
nearly spotless with springing
and climbing abilities
uniformly tawny
nocturnal forage
fox-like proportions
arid savanna, tall grass...

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