Saturday, July 14, 2012

Done in Pastels

" Done in Pastels "

by Suzán Jiván

Surrounded by Legos
and 3-year olds
as the latest salvo
with attention focused
on the healthy
images of apples
in fairly large amounts
not turning brown
just branching out

the choreography was problematic
when choosing to mount
expandable categories
in fabric patterns
after looking for gaps
formed to the point
of exhaustion
as small drawings
like never before
having been crossed
where nature left off

no larger than the palm of a hand
after crossing the Atlantic
and becoming blanched
by a blasted landscape
of previously unimagined
eyelet patterns
honed as unknowable
knowns of no one
supposedly broached
like patterns of stones
opulently set
without exception
into cultural gems
projected into absentia
lending works
from the permanent collection
always performance ready

done in pastels
as father knows best
in orgiastic protests
seemingly vanished
amped up on canvases
in barrier crashing
recent examples
clashing on polka
dotted paths
of the pretty bad...

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