Friday, December 9, 2011

A Butterfly Catch

" A Butterfly Catch "

by Suzán Jiván

Performed on YouTube
as, " Will Also Underscore "

Will also underscore
taking over
interactive access
to lavender lilacs
and notions of masculinity
both over-due and a bit
behind the time like a parade
of familiar names along the way
as an extrapolation
of the seemingly tame
and unstraight risqué
Tipped from today
toppling over
a big bank
crouching over
a dead opponent
drawing more crowds
with seeming immediacy
and authenticity long since
eclipsed by a strong supporter
in a small audience as the best of all
sometimes pointless
clotheshorse sewing wild oats
Marvelously flexible
and full of possibility
enough to make you dizzy
as a half-dressed odalisque
on the periphery
piled high with frippery
and festooned
in striped pantaloons
Plying the overlap
between the artificial
and the natural
with a butterfly catch
held tightly
and incised
while scarifyingly
for release in a white
cube with holes
in its ceiling
and a fingernails-
feeling ...

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