Thursday, December 8, 2011

Like Scrolls of Poetry

" Like Scrolls of Poetry "

by Suzán Jiván

Performed on YouTube
as, " With a Deadpan Smirk "

With a deadpan smirk
increasingly nerve-
rattling as sardonic gags
and antagonist shtick
as a study in bliss
while still a bit gimpy
and deliberately oblivious
lost in a blizzard after beginning
to fizzle with acidic witticisms
and head-spinning verbal artillery
Like scrolls of poetry
unrolling in rococo
willed into existence
as nimble and exquisite
as the funnily familiar
In high-rise buildings
corkscrewing confusedly
hailed as amusement
when ejecting viewers
for wearing birthday suits
still damp, stinging
and dazed, but grinning
after a wicked twist
with the privileged
devised as brilliant
when booked overnights
as bored, violated and cranky
like an emulation
of sensory deprivation
becoming susceptible to strains
of mayhem while in a meditative state
Meticulously painted as an indication
of gravitating to the strange and pagan
as famously deranged
becoming eerily quiet
after silently reading,
" Keep to the Right " ...

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