Monday, December 26, 2011

Where Subcultures Thrive

" Where Subcultures Thrive "

by Suzán Jiván

Performed on YouTube
as, " Truly Comes to Life "

Truly comes to life
in the only place of its kind
where subcultures thrive
within cozy confines
of electronic devices
like overhead lights
beaming down
on black gowns
over white chemise
in a dreamy life.
Brokering a release
by forcing a dummy
to overruff with a diamond king
rendering candle sticks obsolete
toggling between flinty and fiery
contiguously like an infirmity
broodingly scholarly
bawling all the more
long delayed
and totally exhausting
while under assault
but maintaining decorum
with an air of fading grandeur
by hammering phrases
in echo and delay...

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