Thursday, December 8, 2011

Renamed, "Untitled"

" Renamed, Untitled "

by Suzán Jiván

Performed on YouTube
as, " Into Decline "

Into decline
burdened by
growing needs
under staggering
shields yielding
to swelling ranks
of supposed saviors
thrown into danger
as a huge redo
in a frieze-like wound
of youth and beauty
In an appointment-
only space as a suite
of galleries for buzzing
honey bees being
packed up
in mobile structures
squeezed between
whirring wings
laced with curry
and emptied
of nectar
while taking place
in stages
of monographed
made of stiffening
shaped by haughty
in order to forestall
While exhibiting
their favorites
in anticipation
of a reinstallation
within tents
and under umbrellas
that keep coming up
as entitlements
renamed, "Untitled"
with the unsigned
three times the size
of unoccupied
and preoccupied
like legislators
on wavers
made to hallucinate
during a driving reign...

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