Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Tender Duet with a Soft Melody

" A Tender Duet with a Soft Melody "

by Suzán Jivân

Performed on YouTube
as, " Could Be a Landmark "

Could be a landmark
applied to people
like ultraviolet rays
with diverse inclinations
in a prestigious chamber
with sounds of nature
nonplussed by tumult
in funereal black
difficult to capture
as a panoply
of slippery facets
like oil on canvas
partially dismantled
in exasperation
Partly financial
folded and printed
on polka dots with gouache
while wrestling and boxing
on a table top for art lovers
of found objects
As absurdist monuments
like punchy murals
dwarfed by buildings
with infectious buoyancy
along a corse boardwalk
with passing throngs
in worldly phenomenons
on concrete blocks
affirming and reassuring
while engaging with the world
like converging sightlines
for really big ideas
In an unbroken wave of adoration
as uncontainable vibrato
in the long-awaited paying attention
to a sprawling creation
behind a ground-breaking
purple curtain
in a tender duet with a sift melody
ranging easily between affection
and arabesque in retrospect
on a dialectical contemporary set
forever and ever...

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