Monday, October 31, 2011

Aimlessly Chaste

" Aimlessly Chaste "

by Suzán Jiván

Performed on YouTube
as, " Unwinding Over
a Single Night "

Unwinding over a single night
never diminishing in wit
when resembling a critter
with hunched shoulders
in parodies of roles
rarely as thought provoking
as jet-black coughed-up hair balls
Interrupted mid-mugging
by the nail-biting
white-bread lives
armed with racing bikes
and shark-like smiles
acted out like
oversized fantasies
of complete weaklings
Drawn and fired
behind the scenes
of wayward experience
in the shrewdly specious
macho sequencing
of a corruptive hunk
Squirming belatedly
with resignation
baited by the solipsistic
masculine bait in a game
called out as catch
with the seductive banter
and trappings of avarice
Snapped into place
aimlessly chaste...

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