Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lit from Within

" Lit from Within "

by Suzán Jiván

The bold resurgence
of stunning sultriness
as sumptuous luxury
with uncanny knacks
for the grand geeky-glam
as luminaries of masters
lit from within
Capturing a panorama
divided by horizon lines
gone tragically awry
more and more privately
underlying above right
Strikingly delicate
In private collections
by flashlight
a few weeks shy
of admirers on the fly
Like studies of juveniles
getting their due
relatively soon
by mastering their fruits
A character study
as maximum gross
overly clever
already said
by the long-dead
paying attention
Both surpisingly
and brokenheartedly
through wordplay
with careful parings
of, " Never Fails " ...

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