Sunday, October 23, 2011

Between Fleeing & Facing

" Between Fleeing and Facing "

by Suzán Jiván

Unanswerable in advance
of physical intimacy
curling up without incident
switching between fleeing
and facing ordeals
sturdy then frail
contingent on circumstance
happening off camera
Preparing for a new recruit
from the acutely rural
whatever the mood
from solitude to collusion
with the ingenuity
of a communal pseudonym
masking shallow shams
and romantic clamorings
with amorous arrogance
Lithe young bodies
with sinewy sinister
charisma candidly dabbling
with indeterminate spans
of antagonistic happiness
Intermittently chuckling
amid bickering as sequels
in a gag-reel
commendably free
despite contrivances
with passers by
as relatively wise
but liable to lapse
into an anticlimax
of sheer madness...

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