Monday, April 17, 2017

" The Final Peace "...

" The Final Peace "

by Suzán Jiván Mom & Mom-Mom Suzán

The final peace of a secret unleashing
with speed and muscle helmet plus backbone
" I got your back--I'm packing an airbag!"
while mimicking an alien marked:
"No trespassing! Fragile! Handle with Care!"

skeptically supernatural pooh-poohing paranormalcy
by making you think of clouded industries
particularly seeking to "Be Green" crowds cheering:
"Rock On!" in self-driving cars sometimes called, " Black Swans "
wings throbbing Mute Trumpeter Tundra Black-bellied whistling ducks
Fulvous Muscovy downy young more to teach us than just
changing color it's too much trouble plus very little luck

due to deficiencies of large numbers well done
clicking the unsubscribe button
with spam doing absolutely nothing
all simply the sum of saving people money
but it's cumbersome sprawlingly outlawed
scattered across the willy-nilly turning gears and cogs
of a clockwork orange as total badassery up for almost anything

like comet deities vamping dovetailing into indie-chic
in miniature gone off of the grid in unpublished gigs
seen revelling in differing levels: "It's a chalice, not a glass"
" This stuff isn't spam it's metastasizing faster"
reading the caption, " For a sad sad man being denied access
to documented facts" while staring at crude maps

due to Geiger counters going off off of campuses
non-interaction classes cancelled gaining yottabytes of data
under hard hats following Pearl Harbor in the process
for underwear bombers beneath swaths of freezing fog
and coatings of heavy smog within retinues of bodyguards
for the self-conscious "Absolutely NOT!" just deep pockets
for eavesdroppers constantly claiming, "NO COMMENT!"

a la Hollywood via methodical replication processes
within black boxes of prosthetic petaflops from electronic
monkeying neurons taking out the garbage putting on socks
opening a jar becoming twin turbocharged,
I could use a latte, believe or not"...

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