Wednesday, April 19, 2017

" A Slim Victory "...

" A Slim Victory "

by Suzán Jiván Mom & Mom-Mom Suzán

A slim victory a warning no red lines
while struggling to reconcile the sharply divided
facing harsh lighting crying, " My Obit Will Be Fine!"
in a dimming twilight seeing bright colors in shorter lines
being squeezed in the skies fuller cabins higher fees
flying standby, "Don't even try it!"

"Running is the most effective exercise
for extending life spans" researchers find
behind a cuddly accent and the curvature of space-time
in riotous real time networked and mobilized
with luxury and style like the busiest and brightest

"It's a single malt that started it all!"
by counting calories as crowd control
for trillion-dollar shadows of singing joking
goofballs deemed: "suborbitalsnowballingknowitalls"
ticking off progress reports hawking rewards
for complex forces through software
in personalized bold type and boring letterforms
" All for One--All Aboard! "...

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