Thursday, April 20, 2017

" New Trends " ...

" New Trends "

by Suzán Jiván Mom & Mom-Mom Suzán

New trends in peel-off addresses deemed, "non-sticky"
and immediately packable offer valid before and after
transparency of implants in greater detail for oral cancer awareness
responding to masked pathogens better stronger faster software
enhancements as well-formatted cad/cams for chairside bur wear

multi-stranded optical glass contacts
for tooth anatomy facilitating scanning
why travel for licensure exams?
it takes two to tango for apex locations
that eliminate false readings by edge sequels
with controlled memory plus ergonomic excellence
no ledging or hedging of bets via "Diadent"
as well as greater independent retention

having achieved definitive cleansing
during premiere conventions expressing
rational closing comments in a well-attended
dental setting replete with technique-sensitive
connective tissue cells with greater regenerative effects
as skill-set potentials simultaneously addressing
concepts of internal hex connections...

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