Friday, April 21, 2017

" In More " ...

" In More " by Suzán Jiván Mom & Mom-Mom Suzán

In more ways than you may think
as celebrity ghost tweeeters no one else can see
like eliminating re-gifting it's just whiskey
keeping it real while rising below zero

being intrigued by "the unique" calling it "SWEET!"
staying naturally germy yet dissing tsunamis
with black varnish over fiber optics
facing felony charges "Thou shalt not shop!"
equipped with credit cards and a jargon watch

with pressing problems from fossils
lacking progress emptying pockets
wrecking the economy off the clock
with web polymers for nanobots
that mimic neurons and synapses
of virtual teaching not worrying
about accuracy and facts

being shared automatically
and really really fast--exactly
swapping tales in the fast
lane of the break room not bad
just friggin' multi-taskin' with a hatchet
plus spray-on snow as fat in a can
done in the lab to scale...

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