Saturday, April 22, 2017

" The Unstoppable "...

" The Unstoppable "

by Suzán Jiván Mom & Mom-Mom Suzán

The unstoppable gone wild with nerdy highs
seen at high speed on touch screens
along with the cordial cherries
of science and technologies
via teams of geeks for really really fast people

not fretting the inevitability of underpinnings
from inefficiencies in the way you always dreamed
over years and years completely re-imagined
at full capacity capable of withstanding
new-dangled demands in command

torpedoes be damned saved by savvy spacecrafts
with the "it" factors for the families of man
like the niftiest of gadgets managing
humanoid mannequins minus the fallacies
of misspelled "tweets" being robbed of abilities
fairly recently all being spelled so differently

becoming blurred with worry month-to-month
on training runs gone undercover seeing double
feeling indestructible with questions popping up
dubbed "phantom" results all aflutter running
out of luck time's up unlimited bursting bubbles

gone asunder clunking custom backcountry
chasing each other rather dull acting dumb
at stiffening junctures feeling crushed
under redundancy infrared goggling
from back to front mixing tracks collapsing...

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