Tuesday, April 4, 2017

" How?" ...

" How? " by Suzán Jiván Mom & Mom-Mom Suzán

How to borrow tactics via floods of cash
by chief strategists of personal finances
enriching anti-establishment activists
coming through as "Super PACS"

in internal matters now re-examined
taking risky paths based on personality
rather than facts issued in the aftermath

upon the birth of five identical baby girls
the most famous on earth in murals and beadwork
with few words requiring work with brutal allure
uncurtained underseige all across the country
as seen in inmates' paintings eery glassily stringy

offhandedly questioning tenderly rocking
keeping calm never really forgotten
sentiments evolving seeking solace

as a stranger
among strangers
with each and every
funereal thing
during mourning

passing through portals
mortal far more
important historically
due to extraordinary faults

harmonized gloriously
admirably succinct
since the oblivion
of the pyramids

notwithstanding criticisms
in juxtaposition with magnificence
from within the basilica

recreated originals as precious myths
of grandeur and lavishness
contrasting mixtures weeping cypresses
radiant skies an infant's smile...

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