Friday, April 14, 2017

" Finding the Poetry"...

" Finding the Poetry "

by Suzán Jiván Mom
& Mom-Mom Suzán

Finding the Poetry in terms of feet
plus acceptances of herbal essences
dancers turning their heads
in different directions of orchestral
colors swimming arabesques
legs outstretched male/female duets

combining aspects of abracadabras plus pizazz for daredevils
blasting fresh air in order to raise awarenesses
scribbling on napkins becoming nearly drowned out

assessing damages of overall attitudes
palpable shame and embarrassment
like low-end passengers in steady downward trajectories
trying to improve on metrics as prices get better
with little incentive being denounced as "reprehensible"
by the arts of repentance for all kinds of offenders

yet protecting sincerity via shrinking paychecks
for finance experts deemed "necessary"
in order to reform themselves

lacking in amenities
plus tech-abetted
on most metrics
faces taut voices soft...

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