Sunday, November 20, 2011

Glimpsing the Unspecific

" Glimpsing the Unspecific "

by Suzán Jiván

Performed on YouTube
as, " A Longtime Confidant "

A longtime confidant of probably not
following the normal standards
and demographics as blonde
and bubbly especially when
saying dark things triumphantly
and setting up punchlines like, "um"
Then goosing the crowd by shouting
out, " Get Out! " after a catty sigh
like longtime undying bookings
on " Tonight " blissfully like
a kind of salad made
famous by Julia Child
while getting blubbery
from Monopoly money
As anonymous artisans
wearing conical
likenesses carved
from bony objects
steeped in red
across a predatory
marital bed stretched
across a frenzied
center of cryogenic stealth
A common result
early in its run
sometimes funny
sometimes suffering
coming to life at dusk
with an audible stillness
and a look of innocence
in a payola figure
Almost in its original form
seen by many many more
as a small comfort
excerpted from a longer version
with a close-up showing
a handful of loans
nailed in only two takes
late in middle age
Especially legendary
like a stupefying expression
spoken with a biting gesture
like a bug-eyed bonehead
resembling a walrus-tusked chessman
in a Medieval collection as no contest
Revelling in unfamiliar dimensions
with toothpicks and bits of string
glimpsing the unspecific
in an exhibition
scrapped as a catalog
too daunting to print
given the obvious
as impossible...

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