Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Like Blarney for a Sexpot

" Like Blarney for a Sexpot "

by Suzán Jiván

Performed on YouTube
as, " Trading Blame "

Trading blame
and bracing
for covert saviors
speciously revered
as ungodly
ruling bodies
not pretty
but still unbeaten
On the big-name
A-list after a brazen
raid on and off stage
without the restraints
of a plaything
Whizzing at high-speed
during a lifelong trip at sea
with the familiar sitcomish shtick
nibbling on chips as a cartoonish
patrician in response to a mêlange
of mixed feelings from shredding
egos and swapped barbs
Rambling on while name dropping
like blarney for a sexpot
with skeletal parts
under binoculars irregardless
Commandingly in charge
and hence harmless
after cashing a last heart
discarded like a diamond
from the dummy
while running clubs
with a high trump
and declaring ruffs
as luxury loving
under discussion
Finding a comfort
in the early
incontrovertible inertness
of someone else's words
in a close-mouthed world
Plotting to rebuild
after bringing down
the house
without boundaries
like shooting stars
reenacted as blasts
with little chance
of ravaging impact
when slammed
into taking action
as an unprecedented
show of power
in a touchdown
Being coddled
above and beyond
with cultural prominence
like landmarks as said parts
of artistry venturing onto
an overhanging branch
with an intimate scale
and carefree abandon...

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