Saturday, November 12, 2011

While Flying Upside

" While Flying Upside "

by Suzán Jiván

Performed on YouTube
as, " All Got Together "

All got together
as an over-
of familial
in sturm
and drang
As distinctive talents
featuring alien casts
in versions of glass
seen as mirrors
of the mercurial
let alone
as an opening
like a star pitcher
with an honest moniker
hardly begun
Heavily salinized
at high speed
while flying upside
down and backwards
with an uncertain laugh
in a slam-bang tank
filled with a fistful of skin
and a vial of unidentifiable pills
Starting circling while reading
something but coming
up bloody while tucked
away in amongst a jumpy pulse
still docked with an itchy trigger finger
Never released after lingering
with hit or miss as wistful listenings
like preludes to oral histories
in ancillary channels
pretty happily
Successes represented
as vocal chemistry
with a lettered
gentleman from strains
of the almost famous
idealized like blinders
In a fierce argument
outliving its usefulness
as dead wrong
in an uninteractive
travel narrative
constantly on tap
talking back...

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