Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Without a Trace of Vagueness

" Without a Trace of Vagueness "

by Suzán Jiván

Performed on YouTube
as, " Lauded by Critics "

Lauded by critics
with a flicker
for anyone interested
in miniature
differences in wit
as a state of weariness
without a trace of vagueness
between action and restraint
Shockingly clinical
blighted by road signs
funneling in light
toward matinee idols
in full flight
with spikes of sapphire
by actual life on multiple sites
Guided by bona fides
from earlier times
like strivings in little bits
brimming with
papier-mâché figures
as blissful walk-ins
Imagining similar skits
intermittently picturing
mounting multichannel
legacies unflinchingly
with cerulean skin
above suspicion
Like funkier digital quips
slightly off-kilter
when joining the ticket
with dissenting opinions
appearing as free-
spirited mimics
invariably with antipathy
and added instability
Executed in gridded order
all for a cause of enforced
sympathy all according
to inordinate laws
dipped in mortar
with a blurry aura
Painted toylike
with memory
and too little
while pondered
under stark
closely bobbed
locks of harshness...

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