Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In a Partner's Arms

" In a Partner's Arms "

by Suzán Jiván

Performed on YouTube
as, " Almost Upon Us "

Almost upon us
in a partner's arms
all along
while peeling off
the not-so-sure
in a guided tour
of enormous glory
before an audience
in counterpoint
whittled down
to a compelling account
of calamitous
snorts of scorn
first and foremost
with deniability
of course
never coming across
as the mission falters
with impecunious support
in the forefront
Sustained by a rum-laced cake
practically in one's face
taken way too far
like much of a flock
with little regard
for the precious metals
of a talisman
from everywhere else
endlessly summoning up
turbulent bravado
in moral documents
quickly pivoting
with the dismissiveness
of unlikely innocents
in microchips
Insular and prickly
as erect fronds
from stout rootstock
rich in starch
pounded into flour
as scaly nut-grass
and difficult
to gather
as cattails
and bracken
Like bureaucratic
black magic
loutish and tacky
with a cockney accent
as a geriatric alligator
peevish and snappy
with an enigmatic laugh
shielding against cancer
as a bizarre idiosyncratic charm
with a fiercely common big heart...

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