Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Hefty Preface

" A Hefty Preface "

by Suzán Jivân

Performed on YouTube
as, " The Idea Escalated "

The idea escalated
as mannequins of men
at the ready in rows of helmets
with a hefty preface
to a permanent perch
of unabashedly unflattering
wide angles of taxidermied animals
In social transactions
turning out as unsatisfactory
like tongue-in-cheek
under close scrutiny
as wax effigies smiling blissfully
Well-known ambivalence
as if in a stint
with perpetual helter-skelter
in oversized black bags
embarrassingly eager to please
like a golden retriever
Shrunken into a raft-sized pallet
taken to task as obviously opulent
with gold-flecked prominence
Identifying the "OMG"
of orthodoxy known
intimately as emerald green
gradually smoldering
all the livelong day on a bulky frame
With quickness and little finesse
if nothing else as something extra
uninvested in ourselves...

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