Wednesday, November 23, 2011

In the Upper Ranges

" In the Upper Ranges "

by Mom & Mom-
Mom Suzán

for Rebecca, Russ
Kenny, Jimmy
Mark, Danielle
& Eric...

Performed on YouTube
as, " At the Nexus "

At the nexus of adoring the gawping
of a goofball hoop-skirted performance
in plain sight all along creaking
floorboards as test runs
come stumbling
to an end
Envied and imitated
as the critically acclaimed
like throwaways
of the strangely unsustainable
Absorbed into the mainstream
by channeling lipstick
and cockiness implicitly
followed as the love of artistry
with psycho-melodic sass
While hugging tightly
with a mellifluous yelp
in falsetto headlong
behind closed doors
and coming across
as nothing short
Like all accordings
graciously seen
above the waist
with enablement
as free-spirited
in the upper ranges ...

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